Water Rights For Sale / Wanted
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Water Right Sales / Mitigation Sales

  • Municipal - City of Prineville, Terrebonne Domestic Water District
  • Quasi-municipal - Ten community water systems
  • Industrial - Facebook's data center in Prineville
  • Irrigation - hobby farm, nursery, and commercial agriculture

Ground Water Applications

  • 70+ ground water applications completed through Initial Review
  • 45+ Final Orders
  • 30+ Permits with mitigation
  • Permits secured for irrigating less than an acre thru quasi-municipal
  • Additional permits secured in areas not requiring mitigation

Permanent Mitigation Created
(Protecting over 1,000 acre-feet & 3.89 cfs instream annually!)

  • Upper & Little Deschutes Zones of Impact – T-9835 creating 28.8 permanent mitigation credits
  • Crooked River Zone of Impact – T-9687 creating 187.4 permanent mitigation credits
  • Crooked River Zone of Impact – T-9829 creating 30.1 permanent mitigation credits
  • Middle & General Zones of Impact – T-10224 creating 20.7 permanent mitigation credits
  • Crooked River Zone of Impact – T-10730 creating 221.4 permanent mitigation credits
  • Three more projects in OWRD process during 2013
  • Much more for clients as needed.

Other Water Right Actions

  • Benficial Use Claim reports, mapping, & well tests for Certificates
  • Primary and supplemental surface water transfers
  • Changes to Points of Diversion and Points of Appropriation
  • Limited Licenses from both surface and ground water
  • Secured permanent mitigation bank charter
  • Bureau of Reclamation transfers and contract modifications