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Buying Water Rights / Selling Water Rights / Mitigation

Those looking to buy water rights or sell water rights should call. Often there are waiting lists in both directions due to the different size or type water rights to be bought or sold. High demand areas currently are around La Pine and Sisters. Water Right Services, LLC  either acts as a water right broker or buys/sells the water rights or mitigation directly.

Ground Water Applications

Since 2003, John has prepared over 50 ground water applications resulting in over 45 Final Orders issued by Oregon's Water Resources Department. Ground water permits secured range from small pasture irrigation thru quasi-municipal.

Instead of charging hourly for these applications, the associated engineering maps, county approval, and often one to two year follow up through the process, John charges a flat fee up front. For example, a typical application for less than 80 acres of pasture irrigation in the Deschutes Basin costs $2,600 including $2,150 to the state as of 4/1/12, $45 to the county, and John's fee. Mitigation, if required, would be leased or purchased in addition at any time prior to five years after the state's issuance of your Final Order.


Water Right Services, LLC is Oregon's leading permanent ground water mitigation provider and chartered ground water mitigation bank. As such, John helps clients meet their goals. This includes easily initiating leased mitigation through the non-profit Deschutes River Conservancy or securing permanent mitigation where possible. Since 2003, John remains the only person to secure surface water rights and develop permanent mitigation credits in the Crooked River Zone of Impact. One of John's projects was first by several years to create permanent mitigation credits in the Little Deschutes and Upper Deschutes Zones of Impact. John also developed permanent mitigation credits for the Middle Deschutes and General Zones of Impact.

Water Rights and Transfers

Whether you seek water rights, own water rights just in "the wrong place", or desire to sell water rights, one call gets you moving in the right direction. If the water rights in question are part of an Oregon irrigation district, you'll need to call them. Typically, irrigation districts do their own transfers and have a bulletin board of rights wanted and for sale. Conversely, for surface rights where transfers are not done by a district and ground water applications and transfers, call Water Right Services, LLC at 541-389-2837.

Claims of Beneficial Use

Water Right Services, LLC works with a local Certified Water Right Examiner (CWRE) to complete Claims of Beneficial Use for water right permits or transfers. These typically must be submitted within five years of the permit or transfer date to meet state requirements, Oregon's current backlog is in the neighborhood of 5 years. You do need to do your part to comply with your permit or transfer conditions. If you've done everything correctly, your water right will remain valid as a permit. You just may not see the newly issued actual certificate for a really long time. OWRD does offer to expedite these for additional charges, often around $1,000-$2,000, through their reimbursement authority process. The primary limitation to just using a water right permit is that it cannot be changed or transferred until the Claim of Beneficial Use is approved and the new certificate issued. Failing to submit your Claim of Beneficial Use within the time limit set forth in your permit or transfer can be grounds for cancellation of the water right. Extensions are often granted. Please call for specific information.